Terms & Conditions

These following terms & conditions apply when making any purchases with Mass Sports South Africa and making use of any of their products they supply. 

An order is received and only sent for production once full payment or a deposit set out by Mass Sports South Africa is received. When an order has been received, you are in full agreement with our company’s terms & conditions.

Mass Sports South Africa does not offer any refunds or exchanges. If an order is not correct for any reason we will assist with alterations with a local company chosen by Mass Sports South Africa to get your product to fit as it should. No replacement products are available. 

Once an order is received and a deposit is paid, the order is not refundable. 

Carriage of goods and reception:
The goods travel at the risk of the recipients to whom it belongs to check the good condition at the time of delivery. A defective part of the delivery cannot motivate the rejection. Any claim, to be valid, must be made in writing within a week after receipt of the goods. 

In the event of a fall and degradation of the product, Mass Sport South Africa is not responsible for the degradation and does not authorize the buyer to benefit from damages, or to prosecute.

Lead times:
Due to the nature of the product being custom made and being unique. There is NO guarantee on a timeline for delivery. 

Timelines provided to clients are purely just estimated dates according to information supplied by the factory which can change. 

Any and all extra pressure on Mass Sports South Africa and its representatives will not speed up the process. 

Order follow ups: Please make use of the tracking link to the orders page on the Mass Sports South Africa website: https://www.masscustomsuitsrsa.co.za/orders. Follow ups made via email/ WhatsApp will not make the process any quicker.


Due to all Mass Sports products not being manufactured locally and all imported. The goods are imported and paid for in a foreign exchange. Due to exchange rate volatility and or any transport costs, Mass Sports South Africa reserve the right to adjust the final price of your order. 

Deposits on orders – If a deposit is received and there is a change in the exchange between the US Dollar and Rand by 10% and more, Mass Sports South Africa reserve the right to request the client be liable to pay the difference when the balance is payable. This is due to the import cost, as well as, transport costs being higher at the time your order is shipped. The same applies if transport costs differ at the time of shipping.

Design & final product:
Colours – Please note that digital design reference colours will always be different to the end product. A digital design and leather dye is very different, so please confirm the design code and product swatch as per the design reference. Mass Sports South Africa will not be liable for any replacement or repairs.

Please note that fluorescent colours and printed designs are sensitive and may fade from being in the sun for long periods of time, as well as, when washing and cleaning. Wipe lightly with a damp cloth. Scrubbing hard will lead to the colour fading.

If an order is approved and sent, no changes may be requested. If changes are requested and there are errors the customer is liable for any changes or repairs that need to be carried out at a later stage. Mass Sports South Africa will not be liable for any replacement or repairs.

Logos & patterns – Please note that actual logo sizes or pattern sizes on the end product may differ and is not to actual scale. The digital design is just a reference. If you wish to have the logos to be made to a certain scale, those sizes need to supplied by the customer. Mass Sports South Africa will not be liable for any replacement or repairs.

Order fitment:
Leather break in time:
Before any alterations or any appointments are made to rectify any concerns. Clients need to understand that these products are custom made to your body’s sizes. The products will be a tight fit and require break in time. We require that clients need to make use of the product once or twice, depending on the areas of concern to allow the leather to stretch into place and break in before any unnecessary alterations are made and unnecessary costs are made. If a client wants their suit to be a bit looser, it needs to be stated upon measurements being taken or when supplied.

Should your suit not fit due to any changes in your weight and/or shape/ size, Mass Sports South Africa will not be liable for any and all costs of replacement or repairs but will assist you with the process to have it corrected.

Even if customers claim to have lost weight, the size/ shape of your body may still affect the fit.
Supplied by the customer: 

Customers that supply their own measurements accept liability for any errors in the products fitment. There are local tailors in South Africa that can assist with alterations to get the final product to fit correctly. The repair/ alterations process must be followed. Mass Sports South Africa will not be liable for any and all costs of replacement or repairs but will assist you with the process to have it corrected.

Measurements taken by Mass Sports South Africa:
If the customer has agreed to let a Mass Sports South Africa representative take their measurements for an order, they agree that they trust their ability to do such correctly, if there are any concerns during an appointment, it is the clients responsibility to double check measurements, IF they have any concerns. 

Repair / Alterations process:
1.    Client has ensured they have given enough break in time – one to two days of riding – one session around the race track or a few laps is not enough time.

2.    Photos to supply Mass SA
The customer is required to send photos with their order fitted, with detailed description of the fitment issues.
Next, we require photos of a measuring tape wrapped around area of concern as per the measurement guide supplied so we can use this to compare with measurements sent to order the product as well as to the pattern used by the factory when manufacturing your order.

If clients wish for Mass SA to meet to re-measure, a standard call out fee of R250.00 is payable to secure an appointment. If the measurements are correct to what was supplied and the error is from the manufacturer, this will be refunded to the customer upon conclusion.

3.    Once Mass Sports South Africa have the photos as per the above, the client will need to fit the product at the local tailor chosen by Mass Sports South Africa. If a client is not available to fit the order in person at the tailor and additional costs are required until the product is corrected, this will be for the clients account.

4.    Once the tailor has finished with alterations the client will be contacted to do a fitment to ensure all is correct. The tailor may allow for one to two test days before requesting further alterations. Please note that timelines on when the tailor can work on your order is not dependent on us.

5.    If the client is liable for the alteration and transport costs of the order from the tailor these need to be paid directly to the tailor before taking receipt of their order.
Please note the above is the only process we are able to follow to repair/ alter your order, there is no other method available. Failure to follow the process will just lead to your order not being rectified for a longer period of time.

Mass Sports South Africa reserves the right to change their terms and conditions.